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Engineering Department:

To guarantee the quality of products from start to the final process of production, furthermore, to design mistake proof process, cross-functional teams are being led by the engineering department. TOSN. engineers are preparing to develop the newly designed products.


Quality Control Department:

Using latest technology of in-process & post-process gauges and final measuring equipment along with high-tech equipment in our laboratory assures the quality of our products. Following measuring apparatuses are used in our production lines:

  1. Electronic gauging equipment for crankshaft and camshaft (Marpoos; Italy)
  2. Final dimensional and measuring equipment (Marpoos; Italy)


Metrology Laboratory:

  1. Primar Mx4-XXL shaft measuring Centre for measurement of crankshaft & camshaft (Mahr, Germany)
  2. Mahr 828PC Calibration Machine to calibrate high precision gauges, dial indicator, hand measuring equipment and, etc.(Mahr, Germany)
  3. Profile Projector along with 4 magnification lenses (10-400X) with QC 400 software (Starret)
  4. Perth meter Roughness Tester & contour (Mahr,Germany)
  5. Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with granite table for measuring parts with table dimensions of 700*1000* 700 mm. (DEA, Italy)
  6. Height Measuring Machine with granite table (Mahr, Germany)
  7. Perth meter M2 portable Roughness Tester (Mahr, Germany)


Metallurgy Laboratory:

  1. Hot Mounting Press (Struers, Denmark)
  2. Polishing machine (Struers, Denmark )
  3. Cutting machine (Struers, Denmark)
  4. Brinell Hardness Tester (C.V. Instruments UK)
  5. Universal Hardness Tester from (C.V. Instruments UK)
  6. Metallographic Microscope (Zeiss, Germany)
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